Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Plea to You

Hello Friends!

I come to you today, not for an update on my immediate family, but to plead all that read this to do something for my extended family.

My cousin, Shohn Huckabee, has been jailed in Mexico for well over a year now on false charges of drug smuggling. Shocking, I know, but if you could know my cousin like we all do, you would understand how ludicrous those charges are!

I am coming to you to plead for you to sign an online petition that has been started for his freedom! We need thousands of signatures. This is not only a petition for HIS FREEDOM, but it is also to shed light on the horrors that are going on just across our southern border to THOUSANDS of innocent people, both of Mexican and American nationalities.

I will not fill up an entire post of the details and background since there is a blog already dedicated to that, but I will point you in the direction of the blog so that you can read for yourself of the horrors that my family has been going through.

I am also asking you to visit the online petition NOW and sign and pass it on to others so that they may sign and pass it on. Share it however you can: Facebook, Twitter, email, word of mouth.....however you can!! If everyone shares this, and those people share it, and those people share it, and so on, and so on, then this can reach THOUSANDS of people VERY quickly! I am going to be putting a widget for the petition on my blog right after I post this but here is a direct link to the petition.

We can make a difference!!

Thank you and God Bless!!


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