Monday, April 26, 2010

Major FAIL!

Yep, I am going to have a major fail on my hands soon.

I am going to FAIL my English class this semester. I thought I could do it at the beginning of the semester, so I stayed in the class (when I should have dropped it and picked another class). But now that the semester is winding down I know that I'm going to fail.

No doubt in my mind about it. I just can't write a 10 page paper on something I don't understand. I do not understand Transcendentalist Literature, so I cannot write about it. Especially not 10 pages worth! This paper is 55% of my total you can see why I say that I'm going to fail.

This will be the first time I have EVER, IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, failed a class. *sigh*

Oh, well. I gave it a shot. It's not my fault I'm not an English major taking a graduate course. (BTW, this class I'm going to fail is a mix is a graduate/undergrad class and the instructor teaches it and assigns stuff geared to the graduate students...not the undergrads....I'm an undergrad.)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing belly: 15 weeks

It has been a while since I've posted a belly pic! So here I am in all my preggo glory at 15 weeks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Been MIA And Going To Be MIA More

I've been MIA for a while and have only made short posts lately. Sorry. Real life has been occupying my time and school is winding down for the semester, which means the work gets piled on.

Just a few updates:

1. Baby is still doing wonderfully. I'm feeling more human and less tired. Baby is getting stronger and I'm feeling more and more flutters. Can't wait for B. to feel them too!

2. Little J. was tested for the gifted program at school and blew the test out of the water. They have to have an IQ of 130 to get into gifted and he has an IQ of 153. He is on a waiting list for a Program for Exceptionally Gifted children and will get into that as soon as a slot opens up. Oh, yeah and if you didn't already know...Little J. is 6 and in this is a BIG deal! He is at least one to two grade levels above Kindergarten level in EVERYTHING. We are so proud!!

3. Big J. is POSSIBLY going to be moving back with his mom for good. We cannot homeschool him another year and know that when we put him back into public school that he will fall into old habits and we just can't do it anymore (we've been doing it for the past 3 years with the crap with school....since his mom decided she didn't want him at her house because he couldn't behave at school). There are more options for school where his mom lives, so we feel that is the better place for him to go for a fresh start. And we honestly cannot keep having our entire lives revolve around him. We have other children in the house that are not getting to do the things they want to and do not get near the attention that they need because we have to focus so much on Big J. and his "issues". His mom SAYS she wants him to move back, Big J says he wants to move back, so we are going to let it happen. IF it ever happens. She wants to try small visits, then longer visits, then longer visits before she decides whether he can move up there or not. I know what I'm saying is harsh, but Big J is 15 years old and it is time he started to act like it. We are moving to a "tough love" approach with him. He knows the rules and our expectations...if he chooses to not follow them or chooses to break school rules or the law, then he will face the consequences of his actions on his own with no back up from us. We've backed him up and helped him out and it does NO GOOD, so now he has to learn the hard way since he seems to not learn the easy way. OK, enough of that...moving on...

4. I have decided to take some time off of college to have the baby. I plan on a year, but will go back next January if I need to (which I very well might). If I go back in January, it will be only for a class or two and will be a light load. I will start back full time in the Fall of 2011 and will graduate May 2012. I want time to enjoy the baby as a newborn and want to have as much breast-feeding time as I can get!

5. Diva D. will be choosing her classes for middle school soon. She is my oldest biological child, so this is a really SAD time for me. My baby is growing up!

6. Smarty-Pants C. is also going into middle school next year. Seems like just yesterday he was the size of Little J.!! He came down for his Spring Break last week and we had a blast hanging out! Going to miss him, since we won't see him again until July!

7. There was something else that I was going to put here, but I got distracted by a question from Little J. and completely forgot....guess it wasn't all that important if pregnant brain ate it!! lol

Well, I will be done with this semester the second week in May, so plan to not see me around much in the mean time. After that....who knows!!! I'll have some time on my hands for sure since school won't be occupying a TON of my time!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

13 weeks appointment

Well, I had an appointment with my midwife this morning for a regular check up.

It went good and was short and sweet.

We heard the baby's heartbeat again and the heart rate is in the 160s, which according the the old wives tale indicates that the baby is a girl! We got to listen for about 2 minutes, then heard a big SWOOSH and couldn't hear the heartbeat anymore! It is so neat to hear the baby move!

My midwife gave me the ok to take chewable kid vitamins since the prenatals are causing me severe constipation and stool softeners do not work. My only other option was to take milk of magnesia a few times a week and I don't want to do that. So I'll take the chewable vitamins! She also told me to take claritin or zyrtec for my allergies instead of benadryl, since benadryl makes me very sleepy.

Oh, and I can finally dye my hair!! I'm saying BYE-BYE to my dark roots and gray hair!! I've been holding off on doing it until we made it to the second trimester because I didn't want to cause any ill effects on our rapidly developing baby!

I go back in 4 weeks for a regular appointment and we should schedule our BIG ultrasound at that appointment too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello, second Trimester, nice to see you!

WE MADE IT!!!! Today is officially the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy!!

I'm so thrilled to have made it this far!

And what a blessing that the second trimester is starting on Easter Sunday! Totally awesome!


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