Friday, April 8, 2011

HUGE update!

Well, to say I've been busy would be a MASSIVE understatement!!!

Tristan is now 6 months old. Where has the time gone?
Tristan is mobile and keeping me SUPER busy!! He mostly army crawls now, but will get up on his hands and knees and crawl for short periods like that. He's just faster doing the army crawl, so he does that most often. He is also PULLING UP onto things!!! No joke. I can't keep him from doing it. And he falls a LOT! He is also getting into EVERYTHING!! We are baby proofing like crazy around here!
He's started solids. He's only had squash and carrots so far since we are taking it slow to check for food allergies (especially since I have so many food allergies). But he LOVES his food!!
He jabbers up a storm. Says ma-ma, da-da, bu-bu (which is what he calls his brothers, sister and the dog), ya-ya. He thinks it's hilarious to squeal VERY loudly and fake coughs to get attention. He's such a happy, easy-going baby. We feel so super blessed.

His brothers and sister absolutely ADORE him and they spoil him even more than we do!!! He loves his brothers and sister as well. He just lights up when they play with him!
Not to leave the big kids out, here is a little video I took of them yesterday playing Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Wii. (Diva D. is on the left, Big J. in the middle and Smarty-pants C on the right)

That's all I have time for right now. I'll try to update more often.....well, when I get a free moment, that is!


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