Friday, January 30, 2009

Random facts about me.

1. I am terrified of moths. And I mean TERRIFIED, like going into panic mode when I see one. Don't know why, just am and is something I just can't seem to get over.

2. I am afraid that I am not a good enough mother to my kids and they will grow up to hate me.

3. I am really a shy person. You can't tell from my actions, but I get to the point to almost having panic attacks in new situations.

4. I am scared of my upcoming surgery. I am terrified that I will get there and something will go wrong. But I will not let the fear stop me.

5. I dance and sing when I am by myself, but will not do it when there are people around. 

6. I love pink. I always used to hate it, but am secretly in love with the color!!

7. I am looking forward to finishing college but don't know if I am ready to be done. Does that make sense?

8. I think I will make a good teacher someday.

9. I don't like teenagers these days. They are rude and assholes. There I said it.

10. I am a computer addict. I have to be careful to not spend too much time on the computer.

11. I think that I could do a better job than some of my instructors that I have had. They were just morons.

12. I don't have any friends in my town. I find it hard to make friends at work or at school because I have no time to really hang out with anyone. I hang out with my family and my in-laws. And I am ok with it.

13. I hate cleaning. Always have, always will. Think it goes back to my childhood, when me and my sis HAD to clean the whole house. Just us. No adult help.

14. I love kids. I would have 20 if I could. That is why I want to be a teacher. **No, we will not be having 20 kids. One or two more (I want 2 more hubby only wants on more)**

15. I think that my mom is extremely unhappy in her marriage and is only staying in it so she won't be alone, doesn't want to be divorced again, and she enjoys the money too much. 

16. I don't like my stepdad. Never have. Never will. He's an ass.

17. I like chocolate. I could eat it all day, everyday.

18. I am scared that I will fail at everything I do and therefore have become a chronic overachiever.

19. I am a reality TV junkie. I love watching VH1 during the day because they have the BEST funny reality shows EVER!

20. I watch shows like Nanny 911, Wife Swap, and Tool Academy to make myself feel better about my family! Those people make my family look like angels!

21. I secretly wish that I was married to Johnny Depp, or at least could have his baby. LOL!!!!! He's so hot!!!!!!!!

22. When I first starting talking to my husband, I blew him off. Then a few months later I started to talk to him again and a few months after that we started dating and a few months after that, we were married. Who knew!!!!

23. I met my husband online. Bet you didn't know that!

24. I cannot imagine my life without my husband and the boys. 

25. My dog stinks. Even after a bath, he stinks. We have to take him to get groomed and they have to use the shampoo they use on animals that get sprayed by skunks to get rid of the smell. And that only lasts a few weeks. It is gross. But I love my retardo dog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Professor

Dear Professor,

Today instead of learning something in class, we learned how to make paper books.  Come on, are we your little first graders, or are we college students that are here to learn how to teach kids?  If you wanted to teach something with this "project", then you could have given us the papers that had all the directions on it and sent us on our way instead of stealing 2 hours of our life we will NEVER get back and using it to make stupid. paper. books.  Seriously, do I look like I am first grade?  Did you get the impression from the look on my, and everyone else's face that we were enjoying your little lesson?  Is this what passes for a college education these days?  Did I really pay for you to spend 2 hours showing different ways to fold paper into a book??  Give me a freaking break!

I know, I know, you are the teacher and we are supposed to trust that you are teaching us some sort of valuable lesson but I do not see how two hours of folding paper did anyone a lick of good.  LITTLE kids learn stuff in this way, not adults.  

I would appreciate in the future some sort of advance notice that this type of project will be taking place so I can promptly skip class and keep my brain from turning to mush.

Sincerely Yours,

Your disgruntled student (who by the way is a GROWN UP!)

**This is a writing prompt I got from Mama's Losin' It.  You can find her blog HERE **

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pictures are worth a thousand laughs!

I got this idea from a hilarious blog called Mama's Losin' It.  I absolutely love this blog and laugh hysterically every time I read her posts.   In her blog, she was "dared" to put up her ugliest photo.  I thought, what the heck...I'll do it!

So without further adu......I give you MY UGLIEST PIC!!  (Well, the ugliest I have.  My mother has some ringers from my childhood, but alas, I do not have them.)

Ok, I found one photo from my childhood.  Dig the glasses on this one!! (I am the one in the glasses....the tallest one!)

Ok, now it is your turn.....come on, you know you want to do this!!!

Oh, is a link to the blog I got this idea from.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

101 Reasons to NOT get your tubes tied!!!

101 Reasons NOT to Get Your Tubes Tied:

1. You don't know what post tubal syndrome is.

2. You have been told there are no after effects.

3. It doesn't protect you from AIDS so you still need to use condoms.

4. Your husband wants you to.

5. Just because you had a lot of c-sections.

6. Your Doctor suggests it.(or tells you to do it).

7. Your unsure about wanting another child.

8. You might regret it for the rest of your life.

9. Your fimbrias might be destroyed during the procedure.

10. You may never just get over it.

11. Many years later when you think you can't get pregnant, you do, and your heart is broken because you have a tubal pregnancy and lose the baby. You realized by this time the tubal was a mistake to begin with.

12. Because tying can mean anything from clipping to banding ,cutting , to cutting a piece out ,to burning.

13. Because you had complications with your last pregnancy.

14. It wont help your menstrual cycle (it can make it worse) .

15. It can cause earlier menopause.

16. A tubal can be done at anytime. DON'T do it during a c-section. There are moms that had their babies die just as the Dr. finished tying their tubes!

17. You could lose an ovary(s).

18. You could feel less of a woman.

19 .Because you are a single mom.

20. Your mom thinks its a good idea.

21. Depression is a very real side effect.

22. Doctors might say all this sadness is "just in your head" but if you didn't have the tubal, you wouldn't be worrying about it just being in your head.

23. Because you think it will enhance your sex life.

24. Because you heard its reversible.

25. Reversals are very expensive.

26. Reversals don't always work. There are many factors involved in just attempting a reversal.

27. You spend a lot of money on a reversal and it doesn't work.

28.You think you never want kids.

29.It's not natural.

30.You think you don't have enough money for another child.

31. Your friend had her tubes tied and had no problems (This does not mean you won't).

32.A study has shown that woman sterilized during the birth or immediately post partum have LESS milk for their baby!

33. Because its a fool proof means of birth control (there are others).

34. Because you have an unhappy marriage.

35. Because you might win the lottery.

36. Because all your kids could be killed in a bombing of a federal building.

37. Because you could lose a child to cancer.

38. Because your husband might have a heart attack and die at 37.

39. Because your husband is injured in the line of duty and is a vegetable forever, you meet a new man, begin a new life and want more kids.

40. You have diabetes and think it will never be under control.

41. You want menopause to come when its supposed to.

42. Some Doctors think you have worse cramps because the period blood backs up.

43. You haven't discussed it with your clergy.

44. Its against most Religious doctrines.

45. The blood supply to your ovaries can be compromised.

46. In the future you may want to give the gift of life.

47. Your insurance covers it.

48. Your insurance does not pay for birth control.

49. Your car has only room for 2 cars seats.

50. Your kids say they don't want anymore brothers or sisters.

51. People say you're selfish for wanting more kids.

52. You think it will make your more attractive to your husband (not worrying about birth control).

53. Because your over 35 and worried about chromosomal abnormalities.

54. Its not a bartering chip to get your husband to agree to have another baby.

55. Its not a bartering chip for a dr to use in order to perform an abortion.

56. Do you really want to be a sterilized woman?

57. It can RUIN your sex life.

58. Can your deal with the word sterilized?

59. Your parents were holocaust survivors.

60. You haven't discussed this tubal with a psychologist.

61. Its like giving up future babies.

62. IVF is very expensive.

63. Almost all insurance companys will not pay for IVF.

64. Almost all insurance companys will not pay for IVF after a tubal ligation.

65. Almost all insurance companys will not pay for Reversals.

66. Almost all insurance companys will not pay for any kind of infertility treatment if you have had a tubal ligation.

67. You won't have to deal with people thinking you are selfish for wanting a reversal.

68. Were you a whoops baby?

69. Were you a change of life baby?

70. Do you have trouble deciding things?

71. Have your ever regretted any decision you have made in your life?

72. Einstein was the 8th kid of his family.

73. You know an infertile couple.

74. You'll be infertile.

75. Ovulation won't mean anything anymore.

76. PMS might become much worse.

77. It might hurt big time when you ovulate.

78. You'll never be able to look at a guy and say I want to have his baby.

79. Your DO,does not share your lifestyle.

80. Its barbaric: woman are asked to get sterilized no one asks a man to have a vasectomy.

81. There is not enough coconut custard pie to make up for it.

82. The kids you have are bothering you.

83. You suffered from post partum depression with your pregnancys.

84. Your Mom might die and then you wont be able to have a baby to name after her.

85. Because you got the boy you always wanted.

86. Because you got the girl you were longing for.

87. Because you made a deal with someone (your partner).

88. You think no one will ever love you.

89. You had a stressful pregnancy.

90. It leaves a scar.

91. You always do what is expected of you.

92. In your heart you know its wrong.

93. Your doing it to make others happy.

94. You don't realize this is mutilating your body.

95. Your friends won't understand how traumatic it is.

96. Because you can't deal with the Dr. saying "Burned those puppies (the tubes). You will never be able to get a reversal."

97.Because IUDS can work well.

98. Abnormal luteal function may be responsible for the symptoms observed and may also explain the failure to conceive following successful reversal of tubal ligation.

99.Because there are less invasive ways.


101. Although some of the reasons can be turned around ...meaning get your tubes tied..please remember there REALLY IS NO MEDICAL reason to tie your tubes!!!!!

just because you might think you don't want anymore kids you don't need to tie your tubes!!!!

and if the Dr tells don't have anymore kids ...that is still not a reason to tie them!!!

Please go back and read them all again and be 100% sure you can deal with ALL these reasons (consequences) in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to read!!!
These reasons are all ones that have been told to me by woman that have had their tubes ligated.


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