Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pic heavy update!

Tristan is 8 months old today. Where, oh where, has the time gone?

He's such a joy!
He is in the screaming all the time phase. He's not upset, he just likes to scream.
If we yell at the other kids, he yells at them too.
He still loves his brothers and sister to pieces.
He's a total Momma's boy.
He loves his daddy. And loves to climb on his daddy.
He loves the dog and does not leave him alone all day. The dog doesn't care for that.
He crawls like a pro now.
He pulls up on all the furniture and walks around it.
He can sit up all on his own now, even when crawling around.
He climbs on anything and everything, even the coffee table.
If he can't climb onto something he moves something over to step up onto so he can climb.
He can wave bye-bye and hi.
He is starting to clap some.
He likes to smack you in the face and thinks it is hilarious.
He gives the BIGGEST hugs and kisses.
He says mama, dada, bubu, ya ya, hey, nana.
He LOVES food.
He's still breastfed.
We are all just so in love with him.

Using the dog to climb:
Tristan and mom:
Happy, happy baby!:
Big sister and Tristan:
ON the coffee table (got up there all by himself):
At Easter:
Big brother and Tristan:
I don't have any recent pics of Tristan with his daddy.....I need to get on that one!


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