Saturday, August 16, 2008

Depressed a little

OK. today I am just a little depressed.  It all comes down to my husband and I want to have a child and can't because I had a tubaligation (tubes tied) after my youngest was born.  See I was married before and did not want anymore children with that man and did not plan on meeting the love of my life after my divorce from my first husband.  Well, long story short,I found the love of my life, Brandon, and we would like to have a child together and this is the road block we have. At this point, we do not have the money to pay for a reversal and it depresses me terribly and makes me hate my ex more and more.  I know that we will eventually get this done, but as I get older the chances of actually conceiving after the reversal goes down tremendously.  Now you can see the problem.  I need to have this done before I am thirty to optimize our chances of conception.  This want for another child only grows with time and the depression that comes with not fullfilling this also grows. 

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