Thursday, August 20, 2009

Writer's Workshop: SWEET FREEDOM!!!

It's Thursday and that means it is time for the Writer's Workshop from Mama Kat @ Mama's Losin' It.

The Prompts:
1.) What will you be doing now that the kids are back in school?
(inspired by Michelle from 
Honest And Truly)
2.) Things I have learned from my toddler.
(Inspired by Big Mama Cass from 
The World Through My Eyes).
3.) What would you put in your favorite things giveaway?
(inspired by Jill from 
Scary Mommy who is having a favorite things giveaway right NOW! Check it out!!)
4.) Hi, my name is ______ and I am a _______.
(inspired by Emmy from 
Emmy Mom One Day At A Time.)
5.) If these walls could talk...
(inspired by JennyMac from 
Let's Have A Cocktail)

This week I am choosing to do number one:  What will you be doing now that the kids are back in school?

Well, my kids have been back in school for the past week (see previous post here.), so I have been doing the following:

1) Sleeping in until I am ready to get up, not when the kids start making too much racket and wake me up.

2)  NOT watching cartoons all day

3)  NOT having the Spongebob theme song stuck in my head EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (shit, there it is....I shouldn't have said anything)

4)  Having some peace and QUIET.  I forgot what it was like.  It is nice. very, very nice.

5)  Eating candy for breakfast if I so please without six little eyes (6, because 3 kids live with us and they each have 2 eyes....get it) staring at me while I enjoy my not-so-nutritious breakfast of champions.

6)  Getting ready for my college classes

7)  Going to the bookstore for above classes without 20 (ok that's an exaggeration....there is only 3....sometimes 4) kids in tow.

8)  Making threatening calls to the college because they screwed up something else without kids in earshot of my rage (ok, ok....they are not threatening....just angry).

9)  Noon-ers with the hubs ( is what has been going on....I know it is TMI).

10)  Eventually working (if they ever call me in).

11)  Watching all the kid inappropriate movies I have had on our DVR for months and months (these are just movies we don't let the kids watch).
Well, that is what I've been up to (and as of today....going to class as well) since the kids have been back at school.

Which prompt will you choose??  Head on over and visit Mama Kat and choose your prompt!


  1. Your post makes me look forward to when my kids will go off to school!

    Just stopping by from writer's workshop

  2. Sounds like your days are fairly relaxing now! Mmm Chocolate for breakfast, my favorite!

  3. You go girl!!!! More power to you!

    Just poppoing in from Mama Kat's.

  4. I still have one at home so I can't do all of that but it sounds great. Next year...

  5. Nooners...I love it! Have fun and good luck with school!!!

  6. I can't wait for my daughter to go back to school. But I'll still have a 2 year old at home, so I can't do quite all of the the fun things on your list!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.



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