Monday, March 8, 2010

First OB visit

I had my first regular OB appointment today and it was pretty uneventful. They just did a physical, did blood tests and tried to hear baby's heartbeat. My midwife did move my due date to October 10th.....10-10-10!! She moved it based on the ultrasound I had a while back, since that was the due date it said!

We were not able to hear the baby's heartbeat this time, but that was because of the doppler they use. My midwife said that they usually can't hear a heartbeat with that until between 10 and 11 weeks. Well, I'm 9 weeks, so it was no biggie. We heard it before and I'm confident that things are still going good.

I did gain one pound since my last visit a month ago. I think that is good, especially since the baby bump is getting bigger and bigger!

They asked if we wanted the testing for down's syndrome or cystic fibrosis and we declined those tests. It will not change anything and we will not terminate if those conditions exist. And really, they are not necessary tests. We will take whatever God gives us happily! Even a child with disabilities or health issues.

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