Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Stuff!!!!

We got some baby stuff shipped over the past two days! I'm getting so excited to be getting ready for Tristan's arrival!! We got a bassinet and carseat brand new. We bought a used crib at a garage sale (for only $45!!). And we have received a playpen, bouncy seat and high chair/booster seat as gifts! We have almost all the BIG things we need for Tristan!

Here are pics of the bassinet and carseat. I'll get pics of the other stuff later on.
He's such a proud big brother. He's almost as excited as I am to be getting baby stuff!!!


  1. Very nice! I know when we started getting the big stuff it all started to feel real to me. You will be using it all in no time! Can't wait to see the other pics. Keep hitting those garage sales, it's the best time through the end of this month! We got two strollers for $28 bucks, the one we're using now is good as new!

  2. Wow ... fancy stuff!!! Everything looks so luxurious!!!



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