Thursday, August 4, 2011

*Almost* 10 Months/Summer Update

I CANNOT believe that it's been almost 10 months since we welcomed Tristan into our family and our family became complete. We are all still just so in love with the little guy! I REALLY need to get better at updating here because there is just so many things that Tristan has been doing!

He is starting to walk. Like REALLY walk. He is still a little timid about letting go of the furniture, but will with the right motivation (usually the dog). He has also learned to turn to go a different direction while walking!

We have started to have to supplement with formula. He's still breastfeeding but only about half the time now. My body just won't keep up with his appetite.

We are also starting a little table foods too. Only the stuff that he can gum easily since he still only has 2 teeth!

Smartypants C. was here for the month of July and we all had a blast visiting with him. He just adores Tristan and misses him a lot when he's gone. We sure wish that he could just stay and NOT go back up to his mom's. ever. :)

Big J. has been having a LOT of problems. No details, but he's been in and out of treatment centers and in trouble with the law. Everyone is at a loss at what to do with him. He's not learning from his GIGANTIC mistakes and is throwing his life away and trying to take his entire family with him. And he's no longer living with us. He went back to his mom's by order of a judge. Just to get him away from the idiots he was hanging around here.

Little J. was finally accepted in the PEGS class (program for exceptionally gifted students) and will be starting that this school year! We are so glad and know that he is just going to thrive in that class. He's excited to start also. He knows that he won't be held back with the rest of the class, since this class is a self-paced learning environment.

Diva D. is a cheerleader now! She made the squad and has had practice every week all summer long and is just loving it! She's so excited for all the sports to start so that they can start doing something more than just practice! lol.

Now, it's time for the photo bomb! (and a video of Tristan walking too!)

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