Sunday, August 7, 2011

I've been getting crafty!

I've been filling up Tristan's nap time with a new hobby--crocheting!! I've been doing it for months now after not doing it since I was 12! I've made many things and have even started selling my projects!

Here's some of what I've done!

Little J's scarf:
Camo Scarf:
Bear Beanie:
Bear Beanie with flower:
Rainbow Beanie with flower:
Munchkin hat:
Munchkin hat:
Tristan's blanket:
close up of edging on Tristan's blanket:
Hat and matching scarf:
Square hat with curls:
Square hat with curls:
Munchkin hat:
Diaper cover (front):
Diaper cover (back):
Newborn button front diaper cover:
Munchkin hat:
Double pom pom hat:
Those are just what I've finished. I'm in the middle of a baby cocoon with a matching hat and will be starting on a Dragon hat soon. Once I have that done I'm going to do some Converse baby booties!

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