Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Professor

Dear Professor,

Today instead of learning something in class, we learned how to make paper books.  Come on, are we your little first graders, or are we college students that are here to learn how to teach kids?  If you wanted to teach something with this "project", then you could have given us the papers that had all the directions on it and sent us on our way instead of stealing 2 hours of our life we will NEVER get back and using it to make stupid. paper. books.  Seriously, do I look like I am first grade?  Did you get the impression from the look on my, and everyone else's face that we were enjoying your little lesson?  Is this what passes for a college education these days?  Did I really pay for you to spend 2 hours showing different ways to fold paper into a book??  Give me a freaking break!

I know, I know, you are the teacher and we are supposed to trust that you are teaching us some sort of valuable lesson but I do not see how two hours of folding paper did anyone a lick of good.  LITTLE kids learn stuff in this way, not adults.  

I would appreciate in the future some sort of advance notice that this type of project will be taking place so I can promptly skip class and keep my brain from turning to mush.

Sincerely Yours,

Your disgruntled student (who by the way is a GROWN UP!)

**This is a writing prompt I got from Mama's Losin' It.  You can find her blog HERE **

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