Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update: Follow-up doc appointment

I had my follow-up/post-surgery check today.  

All is healing wonderfully.  

Doc was a little concerned that I am a week late for my monthly visitor and told me to take a pregnancy test at home to make sure one way or another.  I am not concerned (well, maybe just a little).  

I did not foresee that my first pee-on-a-stick adventure would be so soon.  

I have conflicting emotions right now.  On one hand--this is exactly what I wanted--a BFP (big fat positive).  But on the other hand--it is so soon, I am only 2 weeks (tomorrow) post-op, and I did not have my heart prepared for the results whether positive or negative.

Other than my adventure peeing on sticks in the morning, all is going well.  Will start actively trying to conceive soon, unless my test in the morning negates that need.


Well, no need for a test now.  Monthly visitor showed up a week late today.  

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