Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Hodge-podge

Time for weekly writing assignment from Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' It.

I missed last week's assignment because of my Reversal surgery, so I figured I needed to get in on this week!

The Prompts:

1.) Why did you do it?

2.) What is a common misconception about you?

3.) Describe a moment when you felt afraid.

4.) In what ways are you turning into your mother?

5.) Are you always right?

I think that this week I will write a little on each since I am having a hard time choosing just one!

1)  Why did I do it?

Well, let's see, why did I do it.  Because I damn well wanted to, that's why.  Geez, nosy much?

2)What is a common misconception about you?

Well, I can tell you the most obvious one.  I am blonde, therefore I am perceived to be dumb.  As you can tell, I am not.  I actually have an above average intelligence.  *But* if I feel like playing into the dumb blonde role for a giggle, I can play the part! 

3)Describe a moment when you felt afraid.

This one is easy.  It was last Wednesday when I was going in for my surgery.  I was scared out of my mind.  Telling my husband that I was scared something was going to go wrong and I would leave him and the kids behind.  I was freaking out.  But I am here, and ok.  Fears are gone!

4)In what ways are you turning into your mother?

I am not and will not ever be my mother.  Period.  I refuse to be like her.  I am way too happy to be like her.  I love my life too much to be like her.  I am way too positive to be like her.  I am not her. THANK GOD!

5)Are you always right?

Of course I am.  Ask my husband.  He will tell you I am.  ALWAYS.  Even when I am wrong, I am right.  I am awesome like that.  Now bow before my awesomeness! 


  1. I like your attitude, do what you want when you want and always right :-)

    Congrats on your successful reversal!

  2. Visiting from Mama Kat's - your blog design is SO cute! And we have something in common - we're both always right. :)

  3. My wife is always right to. So, is our cat. Congrats on the successful reversal surgery.

    Oh, I always wondered if the 'dumb blonde' role was something all light haired girls just learn.

  4. I would love to play the dumb blond if I were blond...sometimes I get away with it as a brunette. :)



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