Friday, July 10, 2009

Bad day...I have a stalker....

You read that right...I have a stalker.  No joke.  Here is what has happened:

Hubby found a bag FULL of love notes to me from the guy across the street (he lives in a camper in the driveway of the neighbors house, he's their brother). AND let me tell you this is CREEPY beyond belief. He always tries to talk to me (I ignore), told me several times that he is in love with me, told MY KIDS that he is in love with me, and now this grocery bag full of love notes. 

I called the neighbor and had her come over and showed her all of it and talked to her, she called her husband (it's his brother) and he came straight home, catching his brother on the side of the road on the way and told him not to come back EVER. 

Oh, and this guy is a sex offender I found out. 

I am going to be contacting the police as soon as Hubby gets home and pressing some sort of charges on this guy. I cannot have this kind of stuff going on, especially with my kids around. I have been dealing with this crap for months from this guy. I quit spending any time in my front yard (which has the only tree----and only shade) because of this guy and his crap. I thought if I ignored him and avoided unnecessary contact that it would stop....but has gotten worse.

OMG. I am just so done with today. If this hadn't have happened to me I would have thought that a story like this just doesn't happen. Seems so unbelievable. Here is pics of the bag of letters and one of the letters. You will see what I mean about CREEPY.

And trust me when I say that the letters get worse than the one you see here. I only read a few before I got physically sick to my stomach.

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  1. OH. MY. LORD. Call the cops immediately. I am so sorry this is happening to you, it's beyond creepy and now I'm worried for you! That is just truly creepy stuff. I'm glad his brother kicked him out at least. Be careful!!!!



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