Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a little cloudy with scattered sprinkles now! (an update on me)

You all know some of what we have been through the past few months. It was raining bad luck and hardships here so much that we were getting flooded. Problems with our oldest son, some money troubles, miscarriage and some health problems for me. 

I am so happy to say that things are turning around for us now. Now instead of being flooded, we are just being sprinkled on.
Praise GOD!

We sat down and talked about the homeschooling of our oldest and decided that we could not afford for me to
NOT work, so we are putting him into regular school. We called the school of a little town about 15 minutes from us and they have him on their list but it is not a guarantee he will be able to go there. We are going to talk some more about alternatives in case they do not accept him there. They do not have to because we are out-of-district for their school, so we are hoping they allow him to go there. They have an excellent school, it is SMALL and they have no gang or drug problems as that town is a farming town and a bit rural.

Our oldest son's attitude is improving by leaps and bounds. He now understands that we will not put up with the bullshit and that if he messes up, he has to deal with the consequences himself. We made it clear that we
WILL NOT bail him out of trouble any longer. He knows that he only has until around May to prove that he is responsible enough to get his driver's license and if he does not SHOW us that, he has to wait until he is 18 to get it. He has been getting along with his brothers and sister so well, that they actually WANT to play with him and spend time with him. This was not the case just a few weeks ago! We are proud of him and how much he has improved in such a short time. We just pray that he continues to improve and behave! 

I found out last week (and confirmed it yesterday) that I still have a substituting job with our school district even though I did not send in my letter accepting the position for this coming school year! I am so relieved because I was
NOT looking forward to searching for a job in this bad economy! I went to the substitute meeting today and learned all about their new subfinder system. AND this year I will be paid more than last year since this is my 3rd year with the district!! Hubby has been stressing hard about money and paying bills and this is going to be such a weight off of us both. We have no daycare cost this year so all the money I make will go to bills and household expenses instead of daycare! 

Some of you may remember that I was having terrible dizzy spells for about a month (maybe a little more) that started about a week after my miscarriage. Well as soon as the monthly visitor went out the door, so did the dizzy spells!! I feel amazing. Better than I have in
YEARS! We are still going to take 2 cycles off from trying to conceive to let my body have a rest and maybe normal out some, but I am stoked that my health is improving! Also if we start trying again in September it means that we will have a summer baby and I will not miss any work or school!

You all remember the creepy stalker guy?  If not you can catch up here.  Well, He did it another girl in the apartments where he moved to.  I don't know the exact extent of what he did or all the details.  All I do know is that it was enough that the girl called the cops and he is now in jail for at least 3 months.  I guess they figured out that he was truly a danger to women since he went all stalker-psycho on more than one woman.  I am now breathing easier knowing he is in jail for a while.

Well, that is what has been going on lately! I am just so happy that things are starting to get better.

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  1. Glad to hear things are going better Jennifer! The whole stalker thing though is just too scary, I'm glad he's locked up for a while but seriously...BE CAREFUL!



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