Monday, October 5, 2009

An update on Big J.

***I would like to apologize  in advance about the language of this post.  I am still just a teensy-bit pissed about this whole situation.***

Well, we had the meeting on Friday morning with the probation officer and it went well.  Big J. got cut a HUGE break.  He will just have to continue his counseling and has to go to a group counseling session for teens with drug and other legal issues.  The PO and his counselor thought it would be good for him to see other kids that have gone down the same road he is going down but just kept going and got in deeper legal trouble.  They are hoping that he can learn from his own mistakes as well as the other kids mistakes.  He is also getting a more in-depth evaluation by a psychiatrist (or psychologist...can't remember which one the doctor is) to see if there is maybe something else going on that we don't know about.  Once that is done we will know if he will need to go in for a full-blown psych evaluation to test for unknown mental disorders (if you knew his mother you would know that this is not entirely too far fetched...she is a walking mental disorder).  We are just doing all we can to try and help him and if this ends up being something out of his control, then we will help him to get it under control in any way necessary.

We received the letter we were waiting on from the school that gave us a day and time we have to meet with the school board.  We will be going on Thursday afternoon to find out what will happen school-wise with Big J.  We are not holding out hope that they will let him go back to school this year.  The PO told us that usually when they send a letter like we got, they have already made up their mind and the potential suspension is what they will decide on anyway.  So it looks like Big J. will be out of school for the next year and will repeat 9th grade next year.

That also means that I now have to quit my job so that I can stay home with him every-single-damn-day.  This is going to be a trying year and I really hope he makes it out alive and I make it out with my sanity.  I was really looking forward to working this year and being able to work when I wanted to and not when I didn't.....BUT now I don't get that option.  I am really not happy about this.  Not. Happy. At. All.

We still don't know if B. will be cited for anything yet.  We are praying he won't be.  After all, he did not do this and sure as hell didn't encourage it.  The PO seemed to think that they will not pursue B. in this matter that it was just a scare tactic to make Big J. think that he was fucking up someone else's life along with his own.  Which he is.  Which he will be reminded of often.

Now, that might sound mean and really fucked up, but let me tell you--this kid thinks only of himself and it is high time that he realizes that what he does effects more than just himself....that it effects those around him and those that care the most about him.  It is time he starts growing up and getting out of the childish, self-centered way of thinking.  He is not a kid anymore...he is a young man and it is time he started acting like it.  

Oh, and I think that by the time he goes back to school he just may hate me, but he will be the model of good and polite behavior.  I am determined to turn this kid around.  Whatever it takes.  Even if I have to turn into a wicked step-mother from hell.  He will change.

That is where we stand for now.  I will update when we know anything new.

And THANK YOU all for all your prayers!  They help BIG TIME!!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I will be in prayer over your situation. Wow.. what a stressful week, huh? Hugs!



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