Monday, November 23, 2009

WOW! It's been a while!

It's been a while since I have posted anything on this blog. I just haven't felt like it have been so super busy that I just don't have the time.

What have I been super busy with? Short answer: Life.

Here comes the long answer.

School. Both mine and Big J.'s school.

My school is ending the semester soon and I have come upon the inevitable dumping of assignments that the instructor's do when they realize it is almost time to be done but they haven't covered half the stuff they should have. I LOATH this time in the semester. I always get stressed and pissy and I tend to yell a lot at the computer screen. But I am happy to say that in 2 weeks, it will be over and I have an ENTIRE month to relax. Oh, how I am looking forward to THAT!!

Big J. is still doing the homeschool thing. We still do not have a set curriculum YET, but we are waiting to see how something else (that I'd rather not talk about just yet) plays out before we spend money on a curriculum we might not even need. I have been keeping him busy with my own, custom designed assignments that directly relate to history and science so that we can say without a doubt he is doing school every week day. So far, I have taught him how to write a research paper on a historical figure (he chose Julius Caesar). A task that took almost 3 weeks! And right now he is working on writing a newspaper article about the discovery and uses of the first antibiotic--penicillin. He is really getting into this assignment, which thrills me because he is not into the whole "school/learning" thing.

Birthdays. Both Diva D.'s and Little J.'s.

Diva D.'s birthday is Nov. 11th and Little J.'s birthday is Nov. 12th. Bad timing, I know, but we get through it! *giggles* We had their birthday party--a double birthday party--on the 15th and I think I am still recovering from it! They had a great time, as we all did, and managed to get a TON of stuff (quite a bit of cash too!). The only complaint that I have is that their sperm donor bio-father showed up. I cannot stand to have him any where near me but managed to not kill him kept my mouth shut while he was there.

There are other things that have been keeping me occupied and away from blogdom, but the lazy bug is creeping in I have a major assignment to work on and need to get cracking on it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Until next time.....

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  1. Glad things are going well and that you have a nice break from school to look forward to.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!

    God bless Jennifer!



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