Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Man, I've been gone a while

WOW! It's been a while since I've been here. I've just been busy spending time with my kids and enjoying my time off from school. And, boy, have I been enjoying it!

Just a little update:

We finally got Big J.'s homeschool curriculum just a little before Christmas. He's been going good on it. I've been having to slow him down because he was rushing through his work and not really learning anything....which shows on his quizzes and tests (which he has been failing). Since he has slowed down and started taking his time and REALLY reading, he's done much better.

Still no pregnancy. still. We are trying to be patient, but it is so hard. It has been 7 months since the miscarriage and nothing. We are going to give it until March and then we will be getting tests run to find out if there is a problem with me or B. I really hope we don't have to resort to that. I'm hoping my mom is right. She told me, with my luck, I will get pregnant in February and be due in November, just like I was with Diva D. and Little J. I'll take it. As long as we have a healthy baby, I'll deal with having 3 birthdays in one month very close together!

I start my classes on the 19th, and I am very glad to still have a little vacation left! I looked at my degree plan and I have 3 semesters left....THAT'S IT! I will graduate May 2011 with my Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. Let me tell you, I never thought this day would come when I would be SO close to being finished! I feel like I've been going to college FOREVER!

Well, that's a little update. Will try to blog a little more now that the kids are back in school and I have a little more "me" time.


  1. It's great to hear from you again! Your blog looks fantastic!

  2. Hey Jen! So great to have you back. Good to hear that things are going well with the homeschooling too. I will keep you in my prayers and certainly hope that your mom is right about the February conception! Of course, nothing wrong with January either, huh? Hoping you don't have to get to the point of testing.

    Enjoy the rest of your break!



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