Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update: Prayers Needed-and answered


a very ecstatic Alisa updated with the news that MAKINLEE DOES NOT HAVE CANCER! It is a benign tumor called hemangioma. NO CHEMO for Makinlee! She still will need treatment (with steroids) to shrink the tumor & then have surgery to remove it, but this is such wonderful news...prayers answered! Keep praying :)

God heard all the prayers for this precious baby girl and answered them!! Pray that this nightmare is completely over soon so this family can move on with a healthy baby girl!!


Makinlee has surgery tomorrow. Have her tumor biopsied and a central line put in for her future chemotherapy treatments. They need to shrink the tumor before they can remove it. It is in a bad spot near lots of major arteries and bile ducts. She will have 3 months of chemo in Bangor to shrink the tumor & then try to remove it in Portland. Doctors in Portland are optimistic, but they still have a long road ahead. Please keep praying!!

Original post: I'm posting asking for prayers for a good friend of mine.

Alisa is a friend of mine that had a beautiful baby girl 3 weeks ago (on September 25th). On October 7th that precious baby girl, Makinlee Faith, was hospitalized with an enlarged and failing liver. She was losing a lot of weight and the doctors were very worried. The did tons of tests on this tiny little baby and found a large cancerous tumor in her liver and found that the bile ducts in her liver were not functioning properly (either from not forming correcting in-utero or from the tumor). She is now extremely jaundiced and getting sicker.

Makinlee was scheduled for surgery early this morning, but the surgery team could not get a PICC line started so they abandoned the surgery and planned on transferring her to Boston, but that got changed to her being transferred to Portland and surgery tomorrow sometime.

This is so heartbreaking, especially with us just having Tristan! I can just imagine what this family is going through!

Please pray hard for this family!

And if you are on Facebook, there is a prayer page for this precious little baby. Please stop by there and show your support for the family.

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  1. Praise glad that she is doing well! Sorry I have been absent, we have been having lots of issues here.

    Hoping all is well with that baby boy! We will need to see some more Tristan pics soon!

    God bless,



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