Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Still no baby here. He's still hanging out snug and warm. We are making some progress on the dilation front, so I'm optimistic it will be soon! I'm getting anxious to meet him as the days tick by (BTW, we are down to just 5 days to due date!). I'm ready to meet him face to face and cuddle and kiss him! I want to see who he looks like, to see whether he has hair or not, what color his eyes are, just EVERYTHING!! I'm just ready to meet our little miracle baby!

I spent the afternoon in the ER with Little J. I got a call at lunch from his school that he fell off the monkey bars and his arm was hurting him pretty bad. Brilliant B. had to go get him from school since he had my van and I was car-less today. Once they got home I took one look at his arm and said we were going to the ER. Little J. decided to try and jump to the 3rd bar out on the monkey bars, missed, superman'd it and landed with his arm straight out (caught himself with his right arm straight out). His arm right around his elbow is swollen and was starting to bruise up (and it had been less than an hour since his fall). He got x-rays and sure enough, he fractured his arm about an inch or so above his elbow. It's not really bad, but he'll need a cast. He has a splint on for now and will get his cast on in a few days when the swelling goes down. I'm going to ask for a copy of his x-rays when we go see ortho in a few days. I'm really surprised that he's made it almost 7 years without breaking anything! He's such a dare devil and risk taker that I've been expecting this to happen since he started walking!! I'm sure this is not the last time we end up in the ER with a broken bone! lol.

Big J. has decided that he is going to stay here with us instead of moving with his mom at Christmas break. He's considering still moving there, but waiting until after this school year is over. We'll see how that goes. He is still having arguments with her when they talk on the phone. It's rare that they talk and don't argue. He's been doing ok at school. He did get suspended off the bus for a week for mouthing off to the bus driver, but from what Diva D. says (she rides the same bus he does) the bus driver is a jerk and tends to pick on kids. He has mostly As with a C and D thrown in there but he is working hard to bring those grades up. Still having a few outbursts at home, but they haven't been horrible so we are counting our blessings there.

Diva D. is finally adjusting well to middle school. She's getting the hang of things and starting to have fun. She's in band and marched in the fair parade yesterday! I was so proud of her! She's doing excellent with her grades. She's even made new friends at school!

Smarty-pants C. is also doing well. He's also adjusting well to middle school and he is also in band. He's having his first concert soon and I'm so sad that we won't be able to be there to see it! (since he lives thousands of miles away with his mom)

Well, that's all I have for now! Hoping that my next update will be loaded with pics of our little baby and a birth story!

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  1. Wow, you are really down to the wire..come on Tristan...we want to meet you!!!!

    Thanks for the updates on all the other kiddos too, I'm sure they are all excited to meet and hold their new brother!



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