Monday, March 30, 2009

My Reversal Story: Home at last

Well, we made it home finally.  

We had a horrible trip home.  The people at DFW are retards and that is all I am saying.  I came home in a lot of pain.  More than I was in the day of surgery.  Still not feeling all that hot.

I am healing good.  I have parts of my incision that are healed up, parts are still scabbed up.  

Good news is, my libido is back.  Bad news is, I still have over a week before I can do anything about it.  My desire is back full force.  I have not felt like this since I was way younger.  It is nice.

I have an appointment with my doctor on April 7th to get checked out.  We will see if I get the go ahead to start trying for a baby then!

My husband is so cute.  He was looking up on the internet yesterday about ways to increase his sperm count, what not to do when trying for a baby, etc.  He said he was embarrassed so he waited till I passed out from the pain pills and went surfing.  We had a long talk about what he found, what he already knew, what I knew, and what we were going to do once we get the green light to start trying!

Well, pain pill is kicking in.  Time to go beddy bye!

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