Monday, February 8, 2010

Hormones make me weep

I have been so darn weepy lately it is not even funny. I just got through crying over an email that was forwarded to me that I've read a dozen times before. I couldn't help it. The tears came even though I was fighting it.

I saw a pregnant teenager leaving the school where Big J. takes his Math and English credit recovery classes and had to fight tears then. I know what that girl is going through. I've been there and done that and survived and it made me cry because I know all that she is giving up in her life and all that she will gain from that precious baby.

I forgot just how emotional I get when I'm pregnant. Now I remember. Going to have to stock up on tissues.


  1. Yep, better get a closet full of Kleenex because it only gets worse!

  2. I remember this feeling ... any little thing could set me off. But I guess it is better than being super snappy and angry right?

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Are you feeling tired? Nauseated too? God bless you during this wonderful time. Such a precious gift.



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