Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine's Day

This morning the hubs and I were awoken by our children bringing us breakfast in bed.  Now, since they are not allowed to use the stove without adult supervision, everything came from the toaster.  We had toast, Strawberry & Cream Cheese Toaster Strudel, a Valentine cookie, red and white jelly beans, and a Diet Pepsi.  They made us a homemade card also!

While eating, hubs gave me my Valentine's gift.  I open it and this is what I see......

Here is the story about why I got this b-e-a-utiful FAKE diamond!  Hubs asked me about a week ago what I wanted for Valentine's day, and my answer was a big ol' rock.  Knowing that we could not afford for him to get me a big diamond ring, I was joking.  Hubs is a great big smart ass, so I was fully expecting him to get a rock from the yard and that would be my gift.  I had prepared myself for that.  It would be hilarious.  I would have laughed!  He said I almost did get a rock from the yard, but he found this and decided to get it instead.  He tried to find a plastic ring for this to go into, but couldn't.  I told him that if he found one, I would wear this huge thing proudly!!

This was not all I got either.  He got me this gorgeous rose preserved in 24k gold!  

He also got me some Reese's peanut butter hearts. I get those every V day because I am allergic to tree nuts and most of the candy things have some candy with nuts in it. 

And he got me a super sweet card. The card made me cry it was so sweet.

This is what it says.......

My Wife, 
I used to daydream about finding my one, true, perfect love-my soulmate. 
It would happen one magical day...(that is on the front)

We would meet and both of us would know that destiny meant for us to be together. 
Everything we shared would be new, yet familiar. 
We would know and understand each other in that true and mysterious way that only soul mates can....
(on the inside left side)

You are the dreams of my past and the light of my future.
 Happy Valentine's Day to you, my wife, my joy-the love of my life. (on the inside right)

Isn't that just the sweetest?? I love him so much!!!!


  1. awwww... how romantic!! We had a nice time too. Rose petals, edible candy.. it was fun. I like your rock!! lol

  2. I love hearing from you!! Your such an inspiration and blessing!

  3. How sweet. And I love those big old rocks. They are so pretty.




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