Thursday, February 26, 2009

Writer's Workshop: A Bearable Childhood

It's THURSDAY and that means it is time for Mama Kat's assignment!   This week I chose to write about what made my childhood bearable.

To be honest, I did not have a horrible childhood, but it was not an easy one either.  My parents were divorced when I was only 2, so that didn't really bother me all that much.  It was my life, it was all I knew.  Well my mom did remarry.  She married a man older than her by (I think) 5 years.  He had no children, but treated us like his own.  That was until he started getting sick.  He was a diabetic and started having strokes that eventually disabled him to the point of not being able to work.  Well, his frustration naturally built and he took it out on me, my sister, and my mom.  He eventually got so bad that one Christmas Eve my mom packed us and all our Christmas gifts into the car and we were off to my great-grandmother's in Texas.  That was when my mom decided that a divorce was in order.  My mom was tired of trying to take care of a man that did not care if he lived or died.  And that was it.  We went back and got our things and moved into my grandmother's house that she still had (but did not live in) in our town.  Long story short, my first step-dad moved to Chicago with his sister and ended up on dialysis  and eventually had a heart attack and died BEFORE he even signed the divorce papers, thus leaving my mom a widow.

Now for me to let you know what made all of this (which happened over a period of about 10 years) bearable for me.

Ready for it??

My little sister.  

We tortured each other, yes.  

We were mean to each other, yes.  

But we were there for each other when things got rough.  

When step-dad #1 decided we did not do something right and we deserved to be whipped with a belt, we were there for each other.  

We were there for each other when we hatched a plan to throw away the aforementioned belt once we realized it was not right to whip with a belt.  

We comforted each other after being tormented and put down.  

We got each other through a difficult time in our life.  

I don't think that I would have survived my childhood without being permanently scarred without my little sis to lean on.  We understood what the other felt and helped to overcome those feelings TOGETHER!

Well, that's all, sappy I know.  I don't expect you to feel sorry for us.  I just wanted to explain why my little sis made my childhood bearable!


  1. Sappy, no. It was lovely. I hope that you share this with your sister!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your sister. I know my brother is what made my childhood bearable for me - I can't imagine not having had him in my life, even though he did torture me when he could.

  3. I loved this post. I really relate in some ways because my younger sister made my childhood bearable also. Its amazing to have someone that has shared so many good and not so good times with you.

  4. Sisters are the BEST! I love mine too and we did the exact same thing. We could fight like no other but we were LOYAL. I love this.

  5. Awww..I just went back through all your post and read this one...made me cry...and yes..we made it bearable...we survived!!



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