Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our oldest and his newest stunt

ok. I am going to tell you what happened tonight. Get ready for it!

It started off as a normal evening.  We had our oldest son's basketball game to go to and had a great time watching.  

We went out into the hall to wait for him to gather his things and meet us out there so we could go home.  While we were waiting we started talking to one of the other parents about the game and how they are doing this season.  

Out walks our oldest with his sweatshirt draped over his head, sleeves covering his ears.  He walk up to us and just as he gets there, his coach comes up to us and asks us if he has shown us yet.  Immediately, my stomach sinks.  WTH has he done this time runs through my mind.  She proceeds to tell us that today, at school, our son decided he was going to PIERCE HIS EARS himself using a THUMBTACK!  

Can you believe this?  I was in shock.  I could not believe that he did it.  

I proceed to jerk the sweatshirt off his head (which we now know was there to cover his little mistake!) and sure enough.....they both had holes in them that are beet red and swollen.

I tell him lets go, we are leaving.

We get home and he gets an hour long lecture on giving into peer pressure and how dangerous that sort of thing can be.

He is in hot water for a while now.  

I mean come on....if he wanted it done all he had to do was talk to us and we would have discussed it.  Hubby does not want him to get it done for a few more years when he is in High School, but, hey....we are not completely against it being done by A PROFESSIONAL!

Sheesh, kids these days.

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