Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hi, My name is Jennifer and I'm an addict

Yep, I'm coming out of the closet in my addiction.  My hubby knows now, my friends know now, my kids my bloggy friends are going to know.

What is this addiction you ask???

The TWILIGHT Saga!!!! 

Yep, you read that right.  I'm one of those twenty-something-pushing-thirty ladies that are completely, head-over-heals OBSESSED with all things Twilight (and RPatz).

I have recently been adding blogs to my blog roll that are Twilight related which you can see under the heading "I follow these...".

Right now, I am waiting on Diva D. to finish up Twilight so that I can read it again.  Big J. is currently reading Eclipse and my sis-in-law has borrowed Breaking Dawn from me(which I hope she is almost done because I will need it soon).  I will NOT start reading them again until all of the books are finished by whomever is reading them right now, because I can finish one of the books in a day and will need the next book the very next day.  

You could say that since I have come to terms with this addiction, I have been feeding it more openly and without shame.  I am not ashamed to say that if RPatz (Robert Pattinson, for those that don't know who that is) were to say he wanted me now.....................I would go.  But seeing as how that will only happen in a when-hell-freezes-over type of situation, I don't see that being an issue.

AAAANNNYYY WAY, I saw this oh-so-yummy-super-sexy video of the ever delicious RPatz over at Twitarded .  I just had to share this with everyone on my blog. **warning** there is a song that goes with this.  If you do not want "Sexual Freak" blaring to all your co-workers or family, I suggest a pair of headphones or no sound at all. 

Now, tell me that was not AWESOME!  Those smoldering eyes, those lips I just want to suck off his face, that jaw that I could nibble on forever.....ahhhhh.  *fanning myself to keep from over-heating*

Well, now you all know.  Plan on seeing posts about this addiction more often now that I've "come out" about it.  I promise that not every single post will be Twilight related or RPatz related, but I will be posting about stuff.  And plan on me getting to the midnight showing of New Moon and blogging about it afterward.

But, hey, we have a few months before that happens.

AND do me a favor, please let me know if you are a TwiFreak like me....we can feed our obsession together!  And if you are a on the button on my sidebar that says "Twilight Continues" is a fanfic (fan fiction) site that continues the story of the Cullens after Breaking Dawn!  

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  1. How did you get that cute name siggy on here? Thanks for being my biggest supporter!! Your a God send!



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