Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Graduations, Shaving and Growing up too fast

This month has been a bittersweet month for me and Brilliant B. Our children have reached a lot of BIG milestones and are growing up WAY TOO FAST!

This morning I had to teach Diva D. how to shave her underarms. She has needed to for a while now, but I've been in denial and have not taught her how. I promised her, though, that I would teach her how during the summer and I've now followed through on that promise. I almost cried while I was showing her how because it is just one more step for her in the direction of womanhood. I'm so not ready for this. Seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital giving birth to her. I blinked my eyes and now I'm teaching her to shave. *sigh* It is so hard.

Last week Diva D. also graduated from the 5th grade!! She will be going to middle school in August and I just can't believe it! She did so well and got quite a few awards for the year! She made the 3.5 honor roll, got perfect attendance FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, an award for her participation on student council and, of course, her "diploma" for graduating 5th grade! Here she is at her graduation:
Little J. also had a big step taken last week. He too graduated, but he graduated from kindergarten! He got a little embarrassed during the presentation, though, and started crying while the rest of the kinder kids were singing and dancing their little songs. His crying, of course, made me cry because I can't see one of my kids cry without welling up with tears too! Even when I'm not all emotional and pregnant!! Here is my little man:
*sigh* My babies are growing up. Can't I just put a brick on their head and make them quit growing already??


  1. Sounds like you've had quite the emotional time! They do grow fast and it's tough to watch them get older, but a little fun too. The good news is you get to do it all over again with the new baby! That's something to look forward to and enjoy!

  2. Ugh, I am really going to be in for it then because I look at Benjamin now and cry because he is getting so big and he's not even 6 weeks old yet!

    Your kids are gorgeous, you should be so proud!



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