Friday, May 21, 2010

It's A........


There is no doubt about it....we have a little man joining our family in October!!!

The ultrasound was wonderful! The tech was AWESOME and we got to watch our little guy for about 45 minutes while she did measurements and worked to get good shots of our wiggly guy! He was moving around the ENTIRE time and was even pretty active (and being a bit of a stinker to my midwife) while the midwife was listening to the heartbeat during my appointment after the ultrasound!

We took Big J., Diva D. and Little J. with us so they could share in this moment with us. We wish we could have had Smarty-pants C. with us, but he still has school at his mom's house and we won't see him until July!

Here are pics of our little man, Tristan Kent........


  1.'s a boy! We are big fans of little boys over in these parts. Congratulations Jen...he is gorgeous! I love those little foot pictures, but the profile shots are always the best.

    Hello, baby Tristan! What a wonderful way to head into the weekend. Have a great one and be blessed!

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats! Little boys are so cute!



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