Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nesting....THIS SOON???

I do believe that I have started nesting! WTH????

Nesting at 19 weeks???

I'm not going to lie, our house is cluttered. We have stuff and not enough space. It sucks. And it doesn't help that I've been so immersed in school and exhausted from the beginning of this pregnancy that I haven't been cleaning. Brilliant B. cleans some, but he's a bit of a pack-rat, so things don't always get thrown away when they should be.

I started today with scrubbing some clothes to get the crayon out of them (we had an incident with a crayon, some clothes, and the dryer a few weeks ago). These clothes have been sitting for a few weeks, with crayon on them, waiting for me to figure out how to get them clean. I managed to get it out.

Then I moved on to my room....or the dump if that's what you want to call it because that is where everything seems to make it to be dumped! I have managed to get all my pre-pregnancy clothes that I was wearing packed into a plastic tub and cleared out all my "skinny" clothes to pack them up and put them in storage. I'm also making Brilliant B. go through all of his clothes so we can either pack up the stuff he doesn't wear or drop it off at good will! Hoping to get the clothes gone through and put in their proper place before bed tonight.

Tomorrow looks like I'll be tackling the rest of the junk in our room and having Brilliant B. moving the furniture around to make room for baby stuff we'll be getting soon!

Ugggggggg, nesting started too soon!!! Oh, well....maybe I'll get everything ready now while I still have some energy!! (secretly hoping for the cleaning fairies to find my house so they can do all this for me!!) Maybe I'll get it all done before the third trimester!!

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  1. I know I'm catching this post horribly late, but hope the cleaning went well. Mine started early too but I never quite finished anything I started! I never finished it all period...thankfully, my parents finished it all for us when they were here helping that first week after Benjamin was born! Now we just have to keep it up.

    I can't imagine how much worse you must have it with 4 kids around too! Best of luck to you!



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