Monday, June 15, 2009

Boys' room redo: before

We are painting the boys' room and we are in the "getting ready" phase.  We are getting nails out of the wall and are going to be patching holes and cracks (you will understand when you see the pics) tonight to get it ready for paint later in the week.

I spent today taking this ugly trim stuff off of the walls, which now has left cracks in the wall.  You can see it in the is the white areas.  We are going to start patching the holes from nails and the door knob and these ugly cracks.  I am so ready to get that done so that I can start painting.  Because the sooner I start, the sooner it will be done and over with!

Without further delay, here are the before pics:

This is the view from the door to their room.  Looking into the room.
Ignore all the junk on top of the bunk bed.  It is sheets and blankets from our oldest son's bed which is now in the shed to make room to paint. (don't worry, he is at his mom's right now, so he has no need for a bed HERE and it will be put back after the painting is done!)  And a little kid couch that was in the way.

See that gnarly hole from the door knob?  That is going to be gone soon!
You see that white strip down the wall?  That had a little piece of trim over it.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALL.  As you can see, THAT is no longer there.  Now we just have to fill in the crevice that was left there.

Now, you can see why the room is being fixed and painted.  That yellow and blue is horrible, I hate it and all the boys hate it as well!  We are going to be painting it the colors of the Philadelphia Eagles because that is our oldest (and youngest) son's favorite football team!  It is a surprise to the oldest.  He doesn't know.  And won't until he gets home at the beginning of July!

Here is an idea of what the colors will be:

Eagles Pictures, Images and Photos

One wall will be the green color and the rest will be the gray that is in the eagle head.

Well, that is what is going on.  Will post during and after pics!


  1. Looks like a fun project and I can't wait to see the pics when you're all done!



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