Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More news. Mostly good.

Well, I haven't updated and I have received some news.

My beta level from the test on Monday was 3.  That means that I did miscarry, that all fetal tissue has passed, it WAS NOT ectopic, and that there will be no need for any further medical intervention.

I went yesterday and had MORE blood drawn because they do not have on record at my midwife's office that I am Rh negative.  They had to type my blood and check it for antibodies since I did not have a Rhogam shot after the birth of my youngest son (because of the tubal ligation).

I just got the results of that a few minutes ago and FINALLY got some good news!  The test was negative for antibodies!!!  I go at 1:30 to get a Rhogam shot so that the next baby will have no issues with my blood attacking it!

This is a HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders.  I was so worried that I had the antibodies and that my blood would end up causing problems later in the next pregnancy.  

Thank GOD!

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  1. Yeah, praise God...that is wonderful news for you. I am so glad to hear that everything is in working order for you and hopefully there will be no doctors for a while.

    I am also RH negative, one more thing we have in common!

    Glad to hear things are looking a bit better!



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