Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crying a lot.

I got my beta results today.



I am numb right now.  I am scared.  I am disappointed.

I am supposed to go back on Tuesday to have another blood draw.  The midwife is hoping that the numbers will go up by then.  But she told me to be prepared just in case they don't.

This is not the news I wanted.  

I'm here, alone at the house with the kids.  I can't go out of my room because I am bawling and I don't want to concern the kids because they don't even know yet.  I want my husband, but he has to work.

Pray for us.  Pray for my baby.  Pray hard and loud.

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  1. Oh sweetie...I just prayed a ton for you! God has you, and your baby, in His hands. I pray that you will find some peace today until your husband can get home and I am still praying for doubles on your next beta appointments!

    *big hugs*



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