Monday, March 23, 2009

My Reversal Story: Day 1

Well, we are safe in Jackson, TN tonight after a rather eventful and stressful day.

It all started out great.  We got on the plane this morning and got to Dallas without hitting a flock of birds (Hooray!).  I did get sick and throw up because there was so much turbulence when we were going to land.

We ate while waiting in DFW and went exploring because they have added some new stuff in there!

We went to our gate for our flight to Memphis and waited for a while.  

Well, the time for us to start boarding our plane came and there was NO ONE AT THE COUNTER!!  We had to go to another gate and ask the ticket agent what was going on and found out that our flight was CANCELED.  We looked at the prompters and it was still showing OUR FLIGHT AS ON TIME!

We got the LAST tickets for the very next flight to Memphis.

I was pissed.  We had tickets to go to Graceland reserved.  We were going to have some fun on the only free day we would have this whole week.  My husband called the Graceland ticket office (I couldn't.  At this point I was crying I was so pissed and upset) and got all but $5 of the money we spent on the tickets refunded.  We did not make it in time to make the last tour of Graceland. 

I did take some pics while we drove by, so I have something to show for going to Memphis.

We drove the hour and a half from Memphis to Jackson.  It was a great drive.  I have never seen grass as green as it is here.  And there is water EVERYWHERE!!!!!!  And the trees are huge and EVERYWHERE!!!  Such a complete opposite of New Mexico!!!!

We go tomorrow at noon (CST) for my pre-op appointment with the doctor and then have to go to the hospital to pre-register and get blood work done.

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