Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Reversal Story: Day 3 Part 1

I got about an hour of sleep. I am up and most of the way ready to go. Gotta brush my teeth and hair, slip on my shoes and head out the door.  

Just trying to keep myself busy and away from a cigarette.  

Can't smoke.  




We will be leaving in about thirty minutes for the hospital.  

I am scared.  

I am thirsty.  

I have BAD heartburn and can't take anything for it. 

But I am ready. I am ready to be normal again. I am ready to have my fertility back.  

I cried like a baby last night. I told my husband that I was scared that I would not wake up. I am scared that I am going to go under and leave my husband and kids behind. Scared that this will all be for nothing. Scared that we will never conceive.
Scared. Period.  

I talked to my daughter and my son yesterday. My son is clueless about what is really going on, as any 5 year old should be! My daughter on the other hand is scared. I talked to their grandmother (who they are staying with while we are gone) and she said that my daughter is worried to death about me. She has called every day since we have been gone to talk to me.

Well, off to brush my teeth and hair so we can get on up outta here!

I will be back on as soon as I feel up to it to post about the rest of today. Might be a few days though.

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