Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Reversal Story: Day 4

I am doing good. I am a little sore but still feeling pretty good. The gas is what is hurting and putting pressure on my abdomen. I have been able to get up a move around quite a bit yesterday and today.

I have been really groggy and tired from the pain medication and I can definitely tell when it starts to wear off.

The surgery itself went wonderful. I have 5 cm on the right side and 5 1/2 cm on the left side. She said that from what was taken out when I had the tied and what she had to cut off to put them back together that I probably started with tubes that were about 8 cm long. 

I am so thankful that I went to this doctor. She is an amazing, caring doctor. She prayed with me and Brandon before they took me to the OR and she held my hand as they were putting me under.

The nurses at the hospital said that I was the first reversal patient to NOT ask for pain medication after getting out of the recovery room. I guess that my high pain tolerance has come in handy now! 

Thank you every one that prayed for me. They helped out!

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