Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, I am feeling a bit better today than I have been since getting that first BFP (big fat positive).  I am not quite as worried.

My monthly visitor is officially MIA, which is a relief since now I know that those were not false positives I was getting!

I feel better about handing my worries over to God and letting his will be done.  I know that God will not bring me to something without bringing me out of it.  So I am trusting in HIM.

On another note,  I already have a bump.  Can you believe it??  I am 4 weeks TODAY and this bump has been getting a little bigger every day for the last few days.  It is not all in my head either.  My husband has noticed it.  I have pictures to prove it. 

Oh, and these pictures are also to show you why I was so dumbfounded about my midwife's declaration that I needed to lose 10 pounds.

4 weeks    4 weeks

4 weeks    Photobucket

Now that you have seen what I look you see where I'm overweight?

If you look at those pics you can tell that I carry most of my weight in my ass, boobs, and my thighs (well you can't really see my thighs, but the weight is there).

I do not look FAT.  I am not FAT.  

Now you know.


  1. Clearly you need a new midwife....or she needs new glasses or maybe even both. And I LOVE the baby bump!

  2.'re going to end up having three or four babies! :D

    Oh yea, and the midwife has lost her mind!



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