Friday, May 29, 2009

Update on the positive!

Well, I took another test this morning and it was darker than it was on Wednesday!  I think this is it!!!  Here is a pic of todays test!

Can you see it????  It is darker!!!


  1. Oh, I am sitting here SO thrilled for you! I would be an absolute basket case at this point.

    Praise God!

  2. OMG I had to come to your blog to see it. BFPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP girly!!!!! WOOOHOOO You have no Earthly idea how happy I am for you!!!! :) We had our reversals so close together and WOOT you're PREGGO! YAY Wow...I really, really am SO happy and excited for you! :D It's PAMMY btw...Had to go Anon cause I don't recall right this second what any of those logins are because WOOT you're pregnant and I'm doing my happy dance for ya in this computer chair! LOL



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